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Workhouse is a coworking space located in the heart of Little India. Designed with startups and small businesses in mind, Workhouse aims to be a platform that fosters creative collaborations between community members by promoting entrepreneurship, diversity, and work with a social directive. 




Workhouse shared office space|meeting room rental features a unique design and layout created to give teams a sense of belonging with an open working space. All Co-Working members will also have access to below business facilities giving you the platform for presentations, collaboration and relaxation. 


Workhouse is also open for meeting room rentals,conference room rental and event venue rentals providing an alternative, funky and relaxing option for brainstorm and team building sessions. 

  • Customizable Workspace with Storage
  • Meeting Rooms, Lounge and Conference Room
  • Full Pantry with Coffee/Snacks/Treats
  • Start-Up Focused Accounting & Secretarial Services
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • Fiber Optic Internet (500 mbps)
  • 22 People Workspace
  • Monthly Socials
Accomodations near our coworking / shared office / meeting room rental / conference room rental:
Bunc Hotel
Santa Grand Hotel

Nearby our coworking / shared office / meeting room rental / conference room rental:
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Dunlop St Cafes
Jalan Besar Cafes & Food Court
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Many people pin down creativity to individual brilliance. However, in many kinds of product development, creativity involves a number of people from different disciplines working together to solve diverse problems.

Madzlan "Sketch" Endut

Tessellate Group Pte Ltd

"It is really cool, especially for startups. It is appealling, and everything is provided here, like meeting rooms. We have a lot of meetings with our clients here."


Architectural Designer, FARM

"One of the design intentions for Workhouse Co-Working space is flexible work spaces, you can chose to work at your designated workstation, large round table, swing, lounge, pantry or outdoor terrace."


Architect, FARM

"Workhouse Shared Office epitomises the collaborative working environment which I believe is essential for creative ideas to flourish."

Kunal Pawa

On Workhouse

"It's about people, ideas, creativity and learning and sharing from each other. The beauty of collaborative spaces is mixing with a group of diverse people and getting that unpredictability and spontaneity that just isn't available in normal workplaces."

Individuals with a passion for working and listening to others will thrive on the collaborative atmosphere garnered by the respect of their fellow members.

Here at Workhouse Co-Working Space|Conference Room Rental, collaborate with other community members on our internal forum where you can pitch ideas and more for online discussion.

Take it a step further by meeting in our discussion pavilions, lounge or pantry. These areas also double up as a spot for friendly conversations on your choice of subject, be it business, fashion, sports or politics. Special meeting rooms for rent allow for meet ups with friends and business associates.


We keep it simple here at Workhouse Co-Working Space|Meeting Room Rental:

Customizable Workspace    
Collaborative Forum    
Weekly Socials    
Pantry (Coffee/Tea/Snacks)    
Personal Storage (Cabinet/Locker)    
24/7 Secure Access      
Fiber Optic Internet (500 mbps)    
Printing & Scanning Services*    
Meeting Rooms & Lounge    

For Meeting Room rentals or Event Venue rentals, please find out more here.


Reach Us - Workhouse Shared Office Space / Coworking space / Meeting Room Rental Singapore:

Little India Station (NE7)

Farrer Park (NE8)

Both are walking distance away

Tekka Center (23, 64, 65, 66, 131, 139, 147)

Jalan Besar (23, 64, 65, 66, 66A, 130, 139, 147)

From Jalan Besar:

Turn Right  into Dunlop St, turn right on Upper Weld Road and follow the road to the green building in the corner.


From Serangoon Road:

Turn Right onto Upper Dickson Rd, then left onto Upper Weld Rd.

Address: 60 UPPER WELD ROAD, Singapore 207413


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Get out of the hustle of the CBD, walk down an alley in Little India and enter our heritage shophouse for an alternative venue for your meetings and brainstorm sessions.


Workhouse is open for meeting room rentals, conference room rental and event venue rentals for all occasions including exhibition launches, networking sessions or just conference meetings. 


Meeting Rooms/Conference Room for Rent:

4 people - $60/hour

6-10 people - $80/hour

>10 people - $100/hour


For rental of our event and meeting space, contact us here.


Join us for our monthly social events open to our members as well as anyone interested in joining for networking and discussions!


Jul 10, 2014

Attic Workspace

Jul 10, 2014